Commercial Moving Pre-Move Coordination System

When it comes to commercial moving, there is no other company that simplifies the process more than ABC Longhorn Moving. There’s a reason we’ve had an A+ Rating with the BBB for 26 years, and it all comes down to service.

What sets us apart is our “Total Move Management” system with a full range of relocation services to support every aspect of you clients’ upcoming move. We manage all project management/coordination of the move with third party services by industry partners with no extra cost to your clients. Our services start from the moment you pick up the phone and calls us.

  • We will set up a pre-coordination meeting with before your move to ensure that you have all of the necessary information you will need to be prepared for the movers when they come. Read more>>

We will work hand-in- hand with you to make sure that we:

  • Submit an accurate and detailed bid for your move.
  • Get them a completely prepared for your move
  • Follow up with you after your move is complete to ensure customer satisfaction
  • We also provide tape, labels and grid sheets to all of our commercial customers at no charge.

Bid Formulation

  • We understand that submitting an accurate and detailed bid for your clients’ move is an essential part of starting a move off right. We take pride in finding out exactly what our customers’ need and delivering on those needs.
  • We will come to their place of business, introduce our company and the services that we offer, take an inventory of what services they need, and get a bid back to you either the same day or the next morning.

Services Overview:

  • Packing/Unpacking Services
  • On-site walk-thru and pre-coordination meeting to ensure an accurate quote (commercial and large residential only).
  • Labeling system to support an efficient packing/unpacking process.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Night and weekend moves at no additional charge.  Same-day service based on availability.
  • IT Services: Disconnection and reconnection planning of all IT equipment including; computers, monitors, printers, UPS battery back-ups and phones. We develop a clear plan with a time-frame for preparing all of your targeted IT equipment.
  • Media Services: Custom wall and ceiling mount solutions, data and low-voltage wiring, professional dismounting and mounting services, concealing in wall wiring.
  • Rigging Services: We move large furniture, presses, control cabinets, large exhaust fans, and acoustic and temperature chambers, compressors along with industrial A/C Units.
  • Cubicles/Workstations Dismantling and Reinstallation: Dismantling and reinstallation of most manufacturer’s brands; reconfiguration can be done with a working schematic supplied by the customer.
  • “Green” Moving Supplies and E-Crate Systems: We use BungoBox plastic moving bins for cost savings and easy packing and unpacking, as well as E-Crate System for packing contents safely and securely (27”l x 17”w x 12”h) for large jobs.
  • Local and long distance moves (within Texas)

Why We’re Different

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