How to Compare Moving Quotes and Not Get Ripped Off…

So, you’re moving your home or office in a few months and you need a quote for moving services. You contact several moving companies, and none of them ask the same questions or approach the move the same way. You receive 3-5 quotes ranging from $500 – $5,000, and they’re all over the map. Where do you begin?

Following is a simple guide to verify key facts about potential moving companies. For each item identified below, check the box that best fits your judgment of its quality and you will be closer to comparing apples-to-apples with ABC Longhorn Moving quotes.

As an example, some things to consider — are their movers a part of their organization, or someone off the street with a truck and trailer? Do they insist and enforce standards, professionalism and quality? Does the office follow up before and after the move? These, and many other less obvious points that will cost you money, are outlined in our guide. I hope you’ll take the time to download it and use it for your upcoming adventure. Download here>>

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