Darla B

May 29, 2014 at 4:14 pm

My husband and I recently moved into our first home, and ABC Longhorn helped us get our super-packed apartment loaded into the truck and moved into the house. TJ, Randy and Kevin (I think that was his name, I’m sorry!) were so polite and professional. They called to tell us they were running a little EARLY (that never happens), and once they showed up, they promptly got all of our additional boxes and the small pieces of furniture I’d forgotten about when getting my quote. Once we got to the house, everything was unloaded quickly and put into the rooms we needed them in. They checked just about every time they came with more boxes about what room things belonged in, which made it easy for us when it came time for unpacking.

I would recommend ABC Longhorn to anyone needing movers. This was by far the easiest and smoothest moving experience I’ve ever had.

— Darla B

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