Services: Extreme Same-Day Commercial Move

Friday’s at ABC Longhorn Moving are comprised of staff meetings, getting caught up from the week, basically Friday’s are for preparing for the upcoming week.

But on Friday, December 14th, we all arrived prepared for our usual Friday, but Mary took a phone call from a client looking to be moved that day and evening.  Apparently, the moving company that had been contracted wasn’t able to provide the necessary insurance for the property.

Mary said “absolutely, we can accommodate and get your move done”.   Lisa left the office to do the walk through, Scott, the Service Manager got right on the phone and pulled the movers together for a night move, and really, not knowing what to expect, Mary worked diligently in getting the insurance required  and by the way, the move turned out to be astronomical in furniture and price.

Because ABC Longhorn moving has the expertise and coordination down to a fine art, we were able to accomplish this move efficiently, timely and without any problems.  Our customer was amazed and dazed at what ABC Longhorn was able to accomplish.

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