Getting the Estimate: They are not all equal.

The Internet has made it a snap to score great deals. But “going online to find a new pair of slacks is very different than finding the person who’s going to take everything you own, put it on a truck, put a padlock on it and drive away,” warns John Bisney, director of public relations for American Moving & Storage Association, or AMSA.

Before you sign on the dotted line, consider estimates from at least three moving companies and understand how different types of estimates may impact your wallet.

  • Under binding estimates, you’ll pay a stated price. If goods or additional services are added to your shipment, the estimate will be increased before loading and shipping to protect against unforeseen price changes. Extra costs won’t be due until 30 days after delivery.
  • Nonbinding estimates set the final cost after your goods are weighed and your final move distance is computed. If your shipment’s lighter than first estimated, you’ll pay less. But if your goods weigh more, the tab climbs. Depending on the extra services you get, you may have to pay additional fees at delivery rather than 30 days after.
  • Not-to-exceed estimates let you pay whichever is cheapest: a binding estimate or actual cost.
  • Extras include shuttle service fees, which kick in whenever shipments are transferred to smaller trucks because full-sized vans can’t operate on certain roads. There may be charges for dismantling large pieces or delivering certain items to different locations.
  • Avoid being blindsided by additional costs by looking at a mover’s tariff. That’s a menu of services and prices. Reputable movers will help identify extras for you by conducting in-home estimates so they know what you have.

At ABC Longhorn Moving, we guarantee the accuracy of our quotes.  After being in business for 30 years, we provide quotes with 99% accuracy and very few surprises.  Contact us today for a quote, and be sure to ask for assistance with comparing quotes if you need it. Visit our “Apples and Oranges” article to learn more.

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