BlueBakerLogo_300wIf you’re worried about your valuables and replacement costs, your belongings may be covered under your Homeowners or Renters Insurance policy if a moving mishap occurs in transit.

We highly recommend purchasing moving insurance for household goods, boats, automobiles, motorcycles, and office moves from Baker International ( They provide a most competitive rate with the broadest coverage for families or businesses relocating within the U.S. or overseas. Download their brochure here>>

Think of moving insurance as similar to Gap insurance when purchasing a new car to cover you if there is a “gap” in your loan if something happens to the car before it’s paid off. If there is any damage, Baker International will cover your items at 100%. Many of our customers neglect to purchase this insurance when they really should. It’s a small investment to ensure your world is not turned upside down by unavoidable damage in transit, or other unforeseen accidents that can happened during a move. Factor it into your budget and your piece of mind will be eased during this very chaotic time.

Reputable moving companies are fully insured, and licensed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and in our case, will reimburse you $0.60 per pound based on the total weight of the item. If the moving company you hire is licensed by the DMV and there are any issues with your move, the DMV will step in to mediate the case. This alleviates the need to file in small claims court which is a huge savings to you in both time and money. For more information about this, read our article “What a DMV Certificate Means to Your Bottom Line”.