Maura Wahl

June 5, 2014 at 11:42 am

ABC Longhorn did a great job getting all our things loaded into two trucks. They were very efficient and on time. The men were very courteous to us and also to one another. Everything went well except for a hole that was left in our mattress. This was a new mattress and they only took off $87.00 from our bill. I would have preferred them to replace the mattress.

— Maura Wahl

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  1. ABC Longhorn Moving is responding to a review regarding damage on a move. Unfortunately, a sleep number bed that was left inflated was damaged during a move. ABC Longhorn Moving responded immediately and reimbursed the customer without hesitation the Department of Motor Vehicles regulated liability of $.60 per pound per item. We regret that the damage happened but moving is a risky business and damages do occur.

    We do an onsite walk through with the customer. We always leave the DMV brochure which is “What Your Rights and Responsibilities Are When You Move in Texas”. It includes information regarding the moving industry and what the moving industry’s liability is in case of damages.

    We explain in detail the coverage that DMV has set which is $.60 per pound per item and we always get the customer to sign off on this information.

    ABC Longhorn Moving’s motto is “Honesty and Integrity”. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are upfront and honest with all customers on how damages work so they are aware before the move starts what our liability is in case of damages.

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