When it comes to commercial moving, there is no other company that simplifies the process more than ABC Longhorn Moving.  Our pre-move coordination system ensures that we:

  • Submit an accurate and detailed bid for your move.
  • Get you completely prepared for your move
  • Follow up with you after your move is complete to ensure customer satisfaction

CommercialMovignPre-Move Coordination System

At ABC Longhorn Moving, we take the necessary steps to ensure that we are there for our customers every step of the way. We offer a full range of relocation services to support every aspect of your move from reusable, “green” packing supplies, to IT and phone services, to security and home theater setup — we manage all project management/coordination of the move with third party services by industry partners below with no extra cost to you!

Our services start from the moment you pick up the phone and call us.  We will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that we:

Bid Formulation
We understand that submitting an accurate and detailed bid for your move is an essential part of starting a move off right. We take pride in finding out exactly what our customers’ need and delivering on those needs. We will come to your place of business, introduce our company and the services that we offer, take an inventory of what services you need and get a bid back to you either the same day or the next morning.
Move Coordination
At ABC Longhorn Moving, we believe that preparation before any commercial move is essential. We will provide boxes, tape, labels and grid sheets to all of our commercial customers at no charge (as long as the boxes are returned after the move is complete). We will set up a pre-coordination meeting with you before your move to ensure that you have all the necessary information you will need to be prepared for the movers when they come.
Office Technology
Your company's performance is dependent on your office technology. Our company's performance is dependent on preparing and moving that technology safely, seamlessly and in a timely fashion. Our Tech Services Division has crews trained to prepare your valuable computer workstations, ip phones, printers, scanners, fax machines and delicate electronic devices. As your IT staff concentrates on your network system and infrastructure, our specialized crews will disconnect and prepare all the equipment in your office for transport and upon final placement, properly reconnect all items and assure they are in good working order. Your business cannot afford any downtime; our Tech Services Division will help keep you on schedule. We offer this service to insure the correct handling of all office technology and to control the timely delivery and reinstallation of equipment in order to minimize disruption to your company's normal activities.
Your satisfaction and feedback is extremely valuable to us. We strive for 100% complete customer satisfaction. After your move is complete, we will make a follow-up call to you to ensure that you were completely satisfied with your move. If there is anything that we could have done better, we want to know about it. It is our goal to be the #1 moving company in central Texas and your feedback is a very crucial stepping stone to help us reach that goal.

Thank you for your consideration in using ABC Longhorn Moving for your commercial move.  We would love to support you with your move and we will do a great job. For a commercial quote, call us at 512-251-7735 or fill out our online Commercial Quote Request Form and we will respond with your quote.