Mary Kopp is the Chief Executive Officer of ABC Longhorn Moving.  Her professional career began several years before she came into the moving industry.  She started a very successful extermination company out of her house, which gave her valuable experience in running a service oriented business.  She bought ABC Moving in 1989, which at the time was primarily a residential moving company.  With the vision of turning the company into a major commercial moving company, she has worked diligently to develop many longstanding relationships with businesses in the Austin area.  Over the past 23 years, she has gained the trust and respect needed to make her company be considered one of the top commercial moving companies in the Austin Area.

In August of 2011, Mary brought on her nephew, Scott Durkee, as a partner in the company.  Even though she has no kids herself, keeping the business in the family is still important to her.  Knowing that her company will continue to be ran honestly and with the same family values as her own, gives her the peace of mind that all of her hard work over the past 23 years will not disappear when she is enjoying the retired life.

In August of 2012, Mary continued to expand her company as she bought Longhorn Moving.  Longhorn Moving has had a foothold in the residential sector in Austin for many years.  Merging the two companies together as ABC Longhorn Moving has given her a company with over 50 years of moving experience in the commercial AND residential sectors in the Austin Area.  It is Mary’s goal to continue to give exemplary service in both sectors and make ABC Longhorn Moving the top choice for anyone moving in central Texas.