The Reality of Moving and the Importance of Realistic Expectations

We have been in this industry a long time (since 1984), and we have seen a lot of crazy things, but the biggest underlying issue that continues to rear its head is setting realistic expectations.

Specifically, understanding what you’re getting into with regard to your move – commercial or residential – and the many different facets that go into it to make it successful. There’s a wide range as every move is essentially a custom job, but the big picture, as well as the details, need to be addressed in order to set yourself up for success.

Managing Expectations

Moving is stressful. At its foundation, it represents upheaval, chaos and change which are difficult issues to work through emotionally. We have noticed that in the beginning of a move, our customers are shook up and tend to make quick judgements about how the move is going as they are reacting having strangers invade their space and move things around. However, once the movers have had a chance to access the full breadth of items, and get into the rhythm of the move, things settle down and our customers become more comfortable. This is natural, and with a good crew like ours, emotions settle down quickly and an element of trust is established. We advise all of our clients to try to address these emotional considerations openly and patiently, and the dust will settle quickly and all will go well. Change is difficult on everyone and it’s especially difficult for movers as they realize they’re changing your world upside down.

In addition, if you hire a moving company to include packing and unpacking services, they will pack your belongings, move them, and unpack them for you. One customer went so far as to expect our movers to make his bed for him. This is not considered unpacking and would be considered housekeeping services. If you’re expecting this level of service, then you will need to hire a housekeeper to help you get fully settled and comfortable. However, in this case, our movers were kind enough to make the bed for him as they are professionals and wanted him to be happy. This is just another example of how our team goes above and beyond on a daily basis.

Avoid the Blind-Side: There are Two Sides to Every Story

Many moving companies do not schedule walk-throughs prior to a move, and do not know how to properly review a job with regard to time, expense and special requirements to ensure no one gets hurt (including your furniture or environment). They do not take the time to explain issues that may contribute to extra time required (elevator hours, parking limitations, delivery from out of state, etc.). This is one of the areas that differentiates ABC Longhorn Moving from other moving companies. We take the time to explain the work involved and what you should expect during the move. We want you to be fully educated and will not blind-side you with last minute fees or extra charges as many other moving companies will.

However, the blind side is often caused by clients themselves during last minute jobs that have not had a walk through due to time constraints. As an example, we are often called out to finish up jobs that other moving companies were unable to finish as they underestimated the job. In a recent case, our team was called out to a property to finish a move but it was not explained that the team would need to move cans of kerosene which require special handling! Letting the moving company know what’s going on is key to managing a move smoothly and will eliminate delays in your schedule. This is why there is such havoc with regard to moving – if the clients are not truthful about the job, the movers are essentially going blind and it does not go well. Avoiding the blind side requires honest communication on both sides.

Professionalism in the Workplace

Another issue that comes up is the issue of professionalism of movers. Moving is difficult work, especially in the Texas heat. Many people think that anyone with muscles can do the work and there is no skill involved. However, the reality is, being a professional requires knowledge of how to manipulate furniture safely and efficiently, as well as the ability to lift heavy objects in the Texas heat for hours. A professional mover knows how to use his head, and understands the nuances required for minimal damage and efficient flow (time for loading/unloading).

  • They have to figure out how to stack the furniture correctly, wrap the furniture, how to get it out a door without damaging everything (door and the piece), the flow of the move.
  • They need to know how to disassemble and reassemble a wide variety of furniture which can be challenging (think IKEA).
  • They need to be able to move a 600lb safe and not hurt themselves or anything else. This is a challenge for anyone, but they do it daily and without incident.
  • They need to be conscious of sweat and making sure your furniture is protected to avoid transfer.
  • The list goes on, and on, but the bottom line is, they need to be able to use their heads to ensure your belongings and your environment aren’t damaged.

Moving is hard work, and we ask that our customers take this into consideration when they hear grunting or an occasional expletive (it happens from time to time). Remembering that Movers are human, and they all have different coping mechanisms that help them get through the work is important. Our team is the best in the industry, and they are very conscientious about their work.

Damaged Goods

And lastly, accepting that a scratch or dent is going to happen — it happens during every move, and you should accept this as a possibility during yours. The reality is, furniture is not made to be moved. Every time a piece is moved, the integrity of the furniture is compromised. Multiply this times the number of times you have moved in a lifetime and perhaps this will help accept the natural vulnerability of your items. The point is, you may get lucky and have a flawless move. But more realistically, something is going to break or bend – we just hope it is something inexpensive and easily replaceable.

However, if you’re worried about your valuables and replacement costs, your belongings may be covered under your Homeowners or Renters Insurance policy if a moving mishap occurs in transit. We highly recommend purchasing moving insurance for household goods, boats, automobiles, motorcycles, and office moves from Baker International ( They provide a most competitive rate with the broadest coverage for families or businesses relocating within the U.S. or overseas.

Think of moving insurance as similar to Gap insurance when purchasing a new car to cover you if there is a “gap” in your loan if something happens to the car before it’s paid off. If there is any damage, Baker International will cover your items at 100%. Many of our customers neglect to purchase this insurance when they really should. It’s a small investment to ensure your world is not turned upside down by unavoidable damage in transit, or other unforeseen accidents that can happened during a move. Factor it into your budget and your piece of mind will be eased during this very chaotic time.

And lastly, reputable moving companies are fully insured and licensed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and in our case, will reimburse you $0.60 per pound based on the total weight of the item. If the moving company you hire is licensed by the DMV and there are any issues with your move, the DMV will step in to mediate the case. This alleviates the need to file in small claims court which is a huge savings to you in both time and money. For more information about this, read our article “What a DMV Certificate Means to Your Bottom Line”.

Moving is tough, and the more you know about best practices, the easier it will be on everyone – yourself and the team of professionals helping you move onto your next adventure. Do yourself a favor and follow our guidance above, and your experience will be much more positive and less aggravating.

No one is perfect, but at ABC Longhorn Moving, try harder than most, and we certainly know how to get you from point A to point B with the least amount of hassle possible. We look forward to assisting you during your next journey.

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