tx_mas2ABC Longhorn Moving  proudly participates in the Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) Program offering reduced rates for our comprehensive moving services. Contract Number TXMAS-14-48010.

To request a quote as part of the TXMAS program, please send an email to mary@abclonghornmoving.com or call 512-251-7735.

With an A+ Rating from the Austin Better Business Bureau since 1989, we have a reputation for high standards and excellent customer service and we guarantee the accuracy of our quotes within 99% and very few surprises.

Services Overview:

  • Packing/Unpacking Services
  • Local and long distance moves (within Texas)
  • Flexible Scheduling – Night and weekend moves at no additional charge.  Same-day service based on availability.
  • Cubicles/Workstations Dismantling and Reinstallation: Dismantling and reinstallation of most manufacturer’s brands; reconfiguration can be done with a working schematic supplied by the customer.
  • IT Services: Disconnection and reconnection planning of all IT equipment including; computers, monitors, docking stations, servers with racks, printers, UPS battery back-ups and phones. We develop a clear plan with a time-frame for preparing all of your targeted IT equipment.
  • Media Services: Custom wall and ceiling mount solutions, data and low-voltage wiring, professional dismounting and mounting services, concealing in wall wiring.
  • Rigging Services: We move large presses, control cabinets, large exhaust fans, and acoustic and temperature chambers, compressors along with industrial A/C Units.
  • E-Crate System/Green Moving Supplies: We use E-Crate System for packing contents safely and securely (27”l x 17”w x 12”h), as well as BungoBox plastic moving bins for cost savings and easy packing and unpacking.

Industry Partners

ASG Security Alarm Systems/Security
Bugmasters Pest Control
Bungo Box “Green” Rental Moving Boxes
Capital Crating Crating, Dismantling Services, Handyman Services
CHORE Masters Property Maintenance Concierge Services Property Management Services
Communications Plus Telecom / Phone Systems
Cubicle Consultant Cubicle Installation
Kucero Company Commercial Realtor
Legal Shield Legal Services
Life’s Next Step Senior Relocation Services
MEI Rigging Rigging & Crating Services
Moveware Systems IT Systems / Setup
Safeguard Printing
Simple Clarity Electronics Home Theater / TV Mounting / Surround Sound
Time Warner Business Class Internet / Cable Provider


The Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) has established, as an alternative purchasing method, the use of Texas multiple award schedule (TXMAS) contracts that have been developed from contracts awarded by the federal government or any other governmental entity of any state.

As the responsible federal entity, the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Supply Service awards Federal Supply Schedule contracts by competitive procurement procedures for more than 50 schedules that cover multiple commodities and services. The prices reflected on GSA schedule contracts are the most favored customer (MFC) prices and the maximum price allowable.

TXMAS contracts take advantage of the MFC pricing and under certain circumstances, an agency or local government entity, may negotiate a lower price for the goods or services offered on a schedule contract. A “best value” purchase can be made by following the TXMAS purchasing procedures.